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We distribute a range of high quality Telecommunications Products within Australia.

We are passionate about the provision of high quality products and services for the business community — anywhere that voice communications matter to your business. We can supply direct to customers, however the majority of our business is enabled through our valued Distributors. For our customers that means expert assistance available locally to them.



Our FAQ page answers many of the “Frequently Asked Questions” surrounding Telephone Call Recording such as:

A) Is it Legal to Record Conversations?
B) What is IP Recording ?
C) What Industry Sectors use Telephone Call Recording ?
D) Can I Record My Mobile Calls?



We are Telephone Call Recording Systems Specialists

We offer a range of specialized Telephone Call Recording Systems / Voice Logging products and also provide telecommunications consultancy services of the highest quality to maximize the success of your business.

Our enthusiasm and industry expertise will assure you of the best possible advice and service.