Service Companies

Service Companies (Couriers, Carriers, Plumbers, Electricians, Telecommunications Service Companies, TV Repair Companies), record conversations occurring between customers and their Call Centre staff, to ensure that professional service and efficiency levels are maintained and industry compliance standards are achieved. These recordings are recalled whenever a booking dispute arises, to establish if and where an error has been made. 2Way Radio network and Telephone Call conversations with their mobile service staff are recorded for safety and compliance purposes also.

Risk Management

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Risk Management

Business Risk Management and Telephone Call Recording All Businesses – from the major corporates down to the single “Work from Home” SOHO Professional and Mobile Tradespeople can be exposed to loss of business in many and varied circumstances.  Good business practices dictate that businesses actively employ  risk management by instituting procedures to avoid, or at least minimize, the risk situations. Where business is conducted over the telephone, commitments or agreements reached between Supplier Representatives and the Customer can sometimes be misunderstood (by either...

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