Emergency Services Organizations

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Emergency Services Organizations

Emergency Services Organizations

Emergency Services Organizations (for example: Fire Brigade, Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services)

respond to Life Threatening Disaster and Emergency situations to protect both citizens and property.

The nature of the situations encountered entail the loss of property and sometimes the loss of life.

The recordings of all communications in these situations is paramount in order to track and verify that all communications complied with standards required of the services and that decisions taken complied with best practice for the circumstances encountered.

The communications that are recorded are:

  • Telephone calls from the General Public to the Emergency Services organizations
  • Calls between  Emergency Control Centre Controllers and  Service Personnel on the ground
  • 2Way Radio conversations to and from  Service Personnel on the ground

Compliance recording of these conversations provides a secure, auditable track record of all critical communications during the Emergency situation, which can later be accessed and reviewed by the Emergency Services organization management to verify procedural compliance.  This is especially important in cases where loss of life or major property damage has occurred, as a judicial enquiry may call for the recordings to establish facts surrounding communications occurring during the event under investigation.

Telephone Call Recording System features in demand in the Emergency Services environment are:

  •  Computer Screen Recording (associated with the recorded telephone call conversation)
  • Ease and speed  of access to the recordings
  • High Levels of Access Security
  • AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt all telephone call recordings and screen captures
  • Platform Stability
  • Automated Archiving
  • CRM Integration capability

Q: How do I find out what type of Telephone Call Recording System I need in my Emergency Services Control Centre?

What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need?


A: Click <here> for an overview of the various types of Telephone Call Recordings Systems available, recommended for use in an Emergency Services Control Centre.