Mobile Workers – Field Staff

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Mobile Workers – Field Staff

Mobile Workers and Mobile Telephone Call Recording.


Mobile Telephone Call Recording for Field Operatives:

Mobile Telephone Call Recording system now available for all Bluetooth equipped Mobile Telephones.

Field Staff, Mobile Sales Professionals and Small Business operators working in the field now have professional Mobile Telephone Call Recording facilities and functionality available.

Mobile Telephone Call Recording Systems can be used to record all (or selected) Mobile Telephone Call conversations by  Field Operators, in a similar manner to that used in the fixed telephone, office based situation

Users of these Mobile Telephone Call Recording systems are able to automatically perform  recording of all (or selected) incoming and outgoing calls in compliance with the relevant legal requirements governing Telephone Call Recording in Australia.

Mobile Telephone Call Recording System – Main Features:

  • Connects in seconds to any mobile phone using Bluetooth.
  • 340 hours (one whole year’s worth) of call recording storage on the device.
  • Auto-Record or Manual Record your conversations.
  • Saves all call details (date, time, caller id, duration etc.)
  • Memo record feature (dictation).
  • Add pre-defined or custom comments to calls.
  • Recording announcement or ‘beep tone’ options to warn callers of recording.
  • Advanced search and playback features on the device.
  • Secure password protection in case the device is lost.
  • Upload recordings to PC via USB and manage with software application
  • Handset, speakerphone and headset (supplied) operation.
  • Manage Multiple devices with software application.
  • 150 hours standby, 8 hours record before re-charge.

The benefits of having  Mobile Telephone Call Recording available for Mobile Field Staff are:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution
  • Reduction of Costs

 Can your Company benefit from Mobile Telephone Call Recording ?


What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need?

Q: How do I find out about the Mobile Telephone Call Recording System?

A: Click <here> for details about the Mobile Telephone Call Recording System.