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Typical business circumstances where Telephone Call Recording (and 2Way Radio Recording) may be deployed are as follows:


Financial Institutions, Call Centers, Security Control Centres, Taxi Companies, Emergency Services  and other enterprises requiring Telephone Call Recording and associated Computer Screen Activity Recording.

These industry sectors have been traditionally serviced by high-end expensive products, placing their capabilities beyond the reach of all but the best financed groups.

High end technology with much better pricing is now available to the business community with the advent of the Oscom UR.

The Oscom UR is a server based system, with the flexibility in design to cater for IP (SIP) Recording, Analogue and Digital Trunk Side Recording, SMDR integration etc;)

CRM Integration is available on request.


Mobile Warriors — Mobile Telephone Call Recording:

The pressures of business life nowadays and the reach of technology has meant that large numbers of workers (and sole trader business owners) are working away from an office environment for long periods of time (either by choice or necessity).

The technology enabling an individual to control (call by call), the Recording of their Mobile Telephone Calls is now available in one unique product — the Call Mynah Mobile Telephone Call Recorder .

SOHO Workers and SME Applications for Telephone Call Recording

Customer Sales and Service is an area where Telephone Call Recording can reap immediate benefits – both in the ease of satisfying customer complaints against staff or clarifying the items ordered by telephone – and not wasting time and effort reacting to a perceived problem when you can get to the source (the ACTUAL conversation) immediately.

Cost Effective Telephone Call Recording is now available across the board – to the SOHO Professional working from home, small Accounts Teams and Customer Service groups in the SME environment and beyond.

Single Line solutions are typically satisfied with the Oscom 110 Audio Gateway, other situations may require a combination of  the Oscom 114, Oscom 1116 , Back Office Analogue Solutions, (including the Universal Adapter),  ranging then to the Oscom UR-Lite and Oscom UR for the more secure or technically demanding situations.  Do not hesitate to call (or email) for assistance if required.



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