Call Manager Software

Call Manager

is the entry level “Supervisor” recording package from the IR Professional Call Recording Solutions suite of Telephone Call Recording management software.
Call Manager and PC Supervision Software
Clients with more sophisticated  Telephone Call Recording requirements, should consider upgrading to the more advanced Reporter Pro Telephone Phone Call Recording management software which provides greater visibility, access, retrieval, playback, analysis and Agent/Employee scoring and assessment features.

The Professional Call Recording Solutions suite of applications provide all a professional power user will requires to manage Telephone Call Recording and allows access to your recordings wherever they are on your network.

The applications are used to access and manage recordings produced by the BackOffice Software and the  Telephone Call Recording hardware that have been chosen from the following list:

  • Multiple Desktop Analog Call Recorders (Universal Adapters)
  • Multiple Desktop Digital Call Recording units (Oscom 110’s)
  • Multiple Desktop IP Call Recording units (IPTap’s)
  • BackOffice Analog Telephone Call Recorder (Analog 02,04 & 08)
  • BackOffice Digital Call Recorder (Oscom 114 and Oscom 1116)


Each of the Professional Call Recording Solutions suite have been constructed on the robust Microsoft .net framework and have the ability to manipulate large volumes of Telephone Calls Recordings, produced from any of the Telephone Call Recording hardware platforms noted above.  Each of the applications deliver feature rich productivity tools in a simple, easy-to-use MS Office style GUI.

Call Manager Software Features

  • Call Manager provide the user with the ability to quickly and easily obtain access to stored Telephone Call Recordings stored in your Telephone Recording archive.
  • Simple access, rapid retrieval
  • Drag and drop calls into hotlist shortcut folders you create for rapid access to Telephone Calls Recording important calls.
  • View archived recorded calls in a simple to create and view window.
  • Streamlined management of large archives of Recorded Calls, allowing you to  view only preselected calls.
  • Speedy search features.
  • One-touch email / file conversion.
  • Explorer tree simplifies the creation of shortcuts and streamlines access to archived recordings.
  • The access panel provides quick and simple access to specific groups of calls, allowing you to organize in any way you prefer — to create shortcuts to specific groups or departments or even to individual agents.


Call Manager Software – Screen Views

Call Manager Main Screen

Call Manager Main Screen

Call Manager Software Main Screen - large view

Call Manager Main Screen

Call Manager Telephone Call Recording Management Software Main Screen

Shortcuts – Create Shortcuts to Specific Groups Call Manager Shortcuts

Shortcuts Screen - large view

Create and use Shortcuts to Groups for ease of use
Hotlists – Rapid Access To Calls For Review Categorize calls by dragging and dropping them into your own personal Record Phone Calls review folders. Review folders provide links to recordings for ease of follow-up on important calls without moving the actual recording from the original storage location. Call Manager Hotlist

Hotlists - My Calls For Review Screen - large view

Call Manager Hotlist

Call Manager provides One-Touch Email & Export – in either .xtr or .wav Format

Call Manager Email and Conversion Controls


Call Manager is the entry level Supervisor package from the Professional Call Recording Solutions Suite of Digital Telephone Call Recording Management software


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