IP Tap

Desktop IP Tap

The Desktop IP Tap provides a simple Plug and Play solution for IP Telephone Recording.

“At Last!” you might hear people say — and that is because the majority of IP Telephone Call Recorders use Ethernet Cards mounted in a PC to record IP Telephones, involving a fairly technical configuration process. In many cases (where a company has a separate IP Telephony and data network), a second Ethernet card is required to tap into the IP voice network. This ‘Dual Ethernet’ approach certainly complicates the installation and many decide that approach is too hard.

Not any more — the IP Tap is here….

 IP Tap Features

  • Simple Plug n play installation
  • Configure to Record your SIP phone in seconds
  • Hi Impedance monitor mode of operation — no interference to IP connection
  • Dedicated drivers that communicate directly between the IP Phone Recorder application and the USB device
  • No requirement for  secondary Ethernet or complex reference to IP addresses for installation
  • At last — an uncomplicated IP Phone Recorder!
  • Small, readily concealed (only 105mm x 75mmx 25mm in size)
  • You will be suprised at the price!
  • Readily Scalable — instal on 1 phone to 100’s


IP Tap Comes Complete with Desktop Software

Desktop Recorder - click to reveal more detail

Record Screen

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Desktop Software – Recording & Playback Features:

  • Automatic or manual recording
  • GSM compression gives 168 hours recording per GByte
  • Time & date stamp on every recording
  • Caller ID and dialed digits detection
  • Recording level indicator
  • After-Call Screen Pop – for annotation or management of archive in real time
  • Add comments/notes to assist searching
  • Snapshot feature allows playback of current call while still recording
  • Mark important calls
  • Drag n’ drop cursor allows user to quickly locate key areas in conversation
  • Pause & Continue control buttons
  • Control over User — Restrict access to Stopping, Pausing, Deleting or Exporting Recordings
  • Search & Display calls by:
    • Time & Date
    • Duration of Call
    • Caller ID or Dialled Digits
    • Annotations (Comments/notes made)
    • Importance Flag
  • Email recordings to other parties (as .wav file or compressed file)
  • One Button Conversion to .wav.

**Desktop Software comes as standard with IP Tap,  Oscom 110 and Universal Adapter Telephone Call Recorders


Desktop Recorder in Playback Mode

Playback Screen

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 IP Tap Integration with IP Telephones & Trunks

IP Tap Currently integrates with SIP phones, NEC IP Phones, Avaya IP Phones, Cisco IP Phones and SIP trunks.

Support for additional systems such as Nortel, Mitel and Toshiba is under development and expected shortly.


Simple setup for Desktop IP Tap

This could not be any simpler — it is just plug-n-play!

IP Tap RJ45 Port End IP Tap Module RJ45 Connectors

To record desktop IP Telephone, the process is as follows:

Unplug the network cable from the socket on your IP Telephone and connect it into one of the sockets on the IP Tap.

Plug a network cable (supplied with the IP Tap) into the 2nd socket on the IP Tap and insert the other end of the cable into the socket of the IP Telephone.

**At this point, the IP Telephone will sense that the connection has been restored and the telephone will become operational.

Insert the supplied USB Cable into the USB Socket on the IP Tap, connect to the other end to your desktop PC USB port, instal the Desktop PC Phone Recording Software on the supplied CD and you have a powerful business recording tool right on your desktop.

IP Tap USB Connector End IP Tap viewed from USB Connector End


 IP Tap Connections Diagram

Connection to the IP Tap


Host P.C. Minimum Requirements

Host P.C. Minimum Specification for use with IP Tap Telephone Recording solution

IP Tap Telephone Call Recorder

— Host P.C. Minimum Requirements —

  • OS: Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32.&.64.bit.OS) At Latest Service Pack
  • USB Controller: 1 of
  • USB2.0 Port: 1 of
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB
  • HDD Space: Hard Drive space requirements are determined by storage requirements of recordings (nett 168 hours of recording per GB of HDD space).


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