Oscom 110 Audio Gateway

Oscom 110 Audio Gateway – Telephone Call Recording System

Recall every conversation using the power of your PC

  • The single port Oscom 110 is part of the Oscom Back Office solutions family which use Intelligent Recording’s powerful ‘PBX-2-USB’ technology to deliver superb, low cost Telephone Call Recording performance.

Oscom 110 – Telephone Call Recording Features:

  • Connects in line with the digital extension line cord at the users desktop
  • Compatible with most PBX manufacturers systems
  • Plug ‘n’ Play via USB connection
  • Full digital sound quality
  • Uses digital information such as Caller ID from the PBX (on most models)
  • Can store recordings on the local PC or a network location with XTR Desktop software (included)

Oscom 110 Audio Gateway Telephone Call Recording solution

Oscom 110 Audio Gateway USB hardware device

The Oscom 110 Audio Gateway is a low-cost extension desktop USB device that comes complete with XTR Desktop applications software as a complete Telephone Call Recording solution.

XtR Desktop Application – Telephone Call Recording Features:

  • XtR Desktop software application supplied on CD with Oscom 110 hardware
  • Optional After-Call Screen Pop – manage recording archive in real time
  • Automatic or manual recording
  • GSM compression gives 170 hours recording per GByte of HDD space
  • Time & date stamp on each recording
  • Caller ID and dialled digits detection (Most systems – refer to Compatibility Chart for details)
  • Audio recording level indicator
  • Annotation — (add comments/notes on the fly) to assist searching
  • Snapshot feature allows user to playback the current call while still recording
  • Highlight calls when considered important.

XtR Desktop Application – included with Oscom 110

Desktop Recorder - click to reveal more detailRecord Screen

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XtR Desktop Software – Playback Features:

  • Level indicator shows call activity
  • Drag n’ drop cursor allows user to quickly locate key areas in conversation
  • Pause & Continue manual controls
  • Control over User — Restrict access to Stopping, Pausing, Deleting or Exporting Recordings
  • Search & Display calls by:
    • Time & Date
    • Duration of Call
    • Caller ID or Dialled Digits
    • Annotations (Comments/notes made)
    • Importance Flag
  • Email recordings to other parties (as .wav file or compressed file)
  • One Button Conversion to .wav.

Desktop Recorder in Playback Mode Playback Screen

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Device Interworking:

The Oscom 110 Audio Gateway Telephone Call Recording System will work with the Oscom 114, Oscom 1116, Oscom 110 Analogue (Universal Adapter), Analogue Audio Gateway 02, 04 and 08 devices, when combined into a large Telephone Call Recording Solution using Call Manager and Back Office Software on a Dedicated Host Recording P.C.

Some Application Ideas:

  • Message Taking – use the Oscom 110 to record a message instead of writing it down. E-mail the message to the recipient. It’s like a mini Unified Messaging system.
  • Customer Service Desks – the Oscom 110 is a great training tool. Move it around to different agents to monitor activity from time to time.
  • Operator Positions – monitor how those important callers are being answered and transferred.
  • Call Centers – install an Oscom 110 at each desk and record to a central server location for supervisor listening.
  • Conference Calls – record those important discussions and decisions.
  • Dictation – the Oscom 110 allows you to dictate directly into your phone and  e-mail the recording to an assistant.


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Connection Details for Oscom 110 Audio Gateway Telephone Recording solution

Host P.C. Minimum Specification for use with Oscom 110 Audio Gateway Telephone Recording solution

Oscom 110 Telephone Call Recorder

— Host P.C. Minimum Requirements —

  • OS: Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32.&.64.bit.OS) At Latest Service Pack
  • USB Controller: 1 of
  • USB2.0 Port: 1 of
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB
  • HDD Space: Hard Drive space requirements are determined by storage requirements of recordings (nett 168 hours of recording per GB of HDD space).


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