Oscom 114 Audio Gateway

Oscom 114 Audio Gateway – Telephone Call Recording System

Recall every conversation using the power of your PC

  • The Oscom 114 Audio Gateway is a 4 port version of the Oscom 110  and is teamed with Back Office & Call Manager software.  Simply connects in parallel with Digital PBX’s telephones and plugs into the USB connector on a PC./Voice Server — usually located in the company communications room.
    • No Handset Cord connection
    • No complex Sound Card adjustments
    • Simple: Digital Connectivity !

    Using Oscom’s “True Digital” technology, Oscom 114 stores conversation in the same high quality format as your digital telephone, ensuring excellent sound quality.

Oscom 114 – Telephone Call Recording Features:

  • Connects in parallel with the digital extension line circuit in the communications room
  • Compatible with most PBX manufacturers systems
  • Plug ‘n’ Play via USB connection
  • Full digital sound quality
  • Uses digital information such as Caller ID from the PBX (on most models)
  • Stores recordings on the host recording PC, or a network location, using supplied Back Office software
  • Search & Play recordings using supplied Call Manager Software

Oscom 114 Telephone Call Recorder

Oscom 114 Audio Gateway USB hardware device

The Oscom 114 Audio Gateway is a 4 Port USB device that comes complete with Back Office and Call Manager applications software as a complete Telephone Call Recording solution.

Call Manager Software Application used with Oscom 114 Telephone Call Recorder

Call Manager Software Features

  • Call Manager Software provide the user with the ability to quickly and easily obtain access to stored Telephone Call Recordings stored in your Telephone Recording archive.
  • Simple access, rapid retrieval
  • Drag and drop calls into hotlist shortcut folders you create for rapid access to Telephone Calls Recording important calls.
  • View archived recorded calls in a simple to create and view window.
  • Streamlined management of large archives of Recorded Calls, allowing you to  view only preselected calls.
  • Speedy search features.
  • One-touch email / file conversion.
  • Explorer tree simplifies the creation of shortcuts and streamlines access to archived recordings.
  • The access panel provides quick and simple access to specific groups of calls, allowing you to organize in any way you prefer — to create shortcuts to specific groups or departments or even to individual agents.


Oscom 114 uses Call Manager Software – Screen View

Call Manager Main Screen Call Manager Main Window

<click image for detailed view>

Device Interworking:

The Oscom 114 Audio Gateway Telephone Call Recording System will work with the Oscom 110, Oscom 1116, Oscom 110 Analogue (Universal Adapter), Back Office Analog02, Back Office Analog04 and Back Office Analog08 devices, when combined into a large Telephone Call Recording Solution using Call Manager and Back Office Software on a Dedicated Host Recording P.C.

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Connection Details for Oscom 114 Audio Gateway Telephone Recording solution

The Oscom 114 Audio Gateway is shown as the “Oscom Digital I/F” in this diagram.

Host P.C. Minimum Specification for use with Oscom 114 Audio Gateway Telephone Recording solution

Oscom 114 Telephone Call Recorder

— Host P.C. Minimum Requirements —

  • OS: Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32.&.64.bit.OS) At Latest Service Pack
  • Processor: Intel E5400, Dual Core, 2.7GHz or better
  • USB Controller: 1 of
  • USB2.0 Port: 1 of
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB
  • HDD Space: Hard Drive space requirements are determined by storage requirements of recordings (nett 168 hours of recording per GB of HDD space).

Warning: All BackOffice Installations: The host.PC should be a NEW and dedicated PC. It is not recommended to load the BackOffice Software and install the USB Recorder Hardware on a PC that is shared with other critical applications; doing so may cause conflicts that could jeopardize the stability of the PC or the applications.


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