Risk Management

Business Risk Management and Telephone Call Recording

All Businesses – from the major corporates down to the single “Work from Home” SOHO Professional and Mobile Tradespeople can be exposed to loss of business in many and varied circumstances.

 Good business practices dictate that businesses actively employ  risk management by instituting procedures to avoid, or at least minimize, the risk situations.

Where business is conducted over the telephone, commitments or agreements reached between Supplier Representatives and the Customer can sometimes be misunderstood (by either party), resulting in the delivery of an incorrect supply of goods (or services).

When this occurs, in most cases the customer contacts the supplier and raises an objection (a complaint).

Possible Supplier Responses:

On receiving the customer complaint, a number of responses can be made by the supplier, for example:

a) Apologize and resupply the “originally ordered” goods (or services) as indicated by the customer.
Privately either:

1) Believe that the customer has been at fault.
2) Believe that a staff member has been at fault and “fouled up again”.

b) Refuse to believe that a mistake has been made and put the blame on the customer.
(Disastrous response as the loss of a customer will surely occur, along with a loss of reputation.)

In either of the above cases, misgivings are held about either a staff member or the customer – perhaps misguidedly.
Also – the customer may feel that the supplier is inefficient and be inclined to not do business with them again.

    In a) and b) there are no means of determining where the problem lies — and no means of preventing it happening again.

c) Access the Telephone Call Recording System, Search by Time & Date, (and possibly the customers telephone number),  thereby quickly locating the call in question. Once the call has been retrieved and replayed, the supplier can easily determine where the mixup has occurred and take action to address the problem.

The ability to take these actions demonstrates that effective risk management has been undertaken (by virtue of having a suitable Telephone Call Recording system installed and staff trained in its use).

There are a range of responses that can then be taken, depending on the facts revealed by the recorded call, which may include:

1)  Email the customer a copy of the recorded call, demonstrating what had been said – with email notes as to how the mix-up has occurred and detailing the steps to be taken to correct the situation. (This step demonstrates that the supplier runs an efficient organization and is easily able to identify issues and quickly react to correct any problem. A sure step in maximizing customer satisfaction.)
2) Adjustment to internal procedures to overcome future mix-ups. (“Kaizen” – the continuous improvement of processes)
3) Staff retraining (or counselling).

Observation of Supplier Responses  – Telephone Call Recordings and Risk Management

Obviously only the foolhardy would accept the a) or b) options from the above listed “Possible Responses”.

There is no need to point out the lack of any Risk Management processes in a) or b) — there are none!

Response c) is the “No Brainer” selection — and will be a critical plank in any Risk Management review undertaken by responsible business managers.


The benefits of having  a Telephone Call Recording System installed in this situation are:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution
  • Reduction of Costs

 Has your Company undertaken a Risk Management review ?

What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need to assist in Risk Management?Q: How do I find out what type of Telephone Call Recording System to satisfy my Risk Management needs in my business?

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