Security Companies

Security Companies and Telephone Call Recording


A wide range of services are provided by Security Companies and can include:


  • Guard Services
  • Uniformed security guards
  • Concerts, Concierge services
  • Corporate Building Security
  • Exhibition Security
  • Transport Security
  • VIP Protection
  • Local/International  Security Events
  • Crowd Controllers
  • Cash/Valuables Armed Escort Services
  • Valuables, Documents, Security Transportation
  • ATM Services
  • K9 detection services

In all the varied functions provided by Security Companies, communications with clients and the various arms of their organizations is paramount to ensure that all client directions can be confirmed and that any security incidents have a complete audit trail that can be inspected and verified if and when required.

Security Companies install Telephone Call Recording Solutions in their Security Control Centres, as Compliance Recorders – Call Loggers, to record all telephone call and 2Way Radio conversations.

This action protects Security Companies by providing a secure, audited track record of all telephone calls received at their Control Centre as well as all despatch calls placed to their mobile Security Control Staff, either by Telephone Call or 2Way radio.

2Way Radio Conversations between mobile Security Staff are also recorded.


Telephone Call Recording System features in demand in the Security Companies Control Room environment are:

  •  Computer Screen Recording (associated with the recorded telephone call conversation)
  • Ease and speed  of access to the recordings
  • High Levels of Access Security
  • AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt all telephone call recordings and screen captures
  • Platform Stability
  • Automated Archiving
  • CRM Integration capability


The benefits of having  a Telephone Call Recording System installed in a typical Security Companies situation are:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution
  • Reduction of Costs


What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need?Q: How do I find out what type of Telephone Call Recording System I need in my Security Companies Control Room?

A: Click <here> for an overview of the various types of Telephone Call Recordings Systems available, recommended for use in a Security Companies Control Room environment.