SOHO Professionals

SOHO Professionals require “Head Office Capable” Telephone Call Recording Systems.


Call Recording for the Small / Home Office situation:

Professional telephone call recording systems in Single Port and Multi-Port configurations suitable for the SOHO environment.

Professionals and Small Business operators working from their Small Office or Home Office require the same standard of call recording facilities and functionality available as in the the corporate world.

Business Risk in the SOHO environment can be disproportionately large, with litigation liable to put the small operator out of business, unless adequately protected.

Naturally, prevention is the key to risk management, particularly in the Small Business, SOHO Professional arena.
The protection afforded by simply recording all conversations of a business nature cannot be overstated. The ability to speedily access a recorded conversation where an undertaking was made or advice given and get to the facts in any verbal transaction of recommendation enure rapid resolution of any dispute.

Any argy-bargy over what was said in a particular telephone conversation does not escalate (and may not occur at all if the SOHO Professional indicates that the recorded will be immediately accessed to determine how any misunderstanding has occurred). The heat is taken out of the complaint when it is revealed that an issue can resolved immediately the original conversation is retrieved and replayed – and perhaps delivered as proof to the disputing party.

File security, plus speed of access to the desired recording (of the disputed conversation), ease of retrieval and simplicity of operation, are all paramount in any voice Telephone Call Recording solution adopted by the SOHO Professional.

The SOHO Professional predominantly exists in a lean business model situation, with all overheads kept to a minimum, therefore any Telephone Call Recording solution should also require minimal overhead and simply run in the background until needed.



  • File security
  • Speed of access
  • Ease of use
  • Low overhead


Telephone Call Recording Systems may be used to record all (or selected) telephone conversations between SOHO operators and their Clients.

Features typically in demand for Telephone Call Recording systems in the SOHO environment are:

  • Optional After-Call Screen Pop – manage recording/add annotation in real time
  • Automatic or manual recording
  • Time & date stamp on each recording
  • Caller ID and dialled digits detection (if available)
  • Audio recording level indicator
  • Searchable Annotation — (add comments/notes on the fly)


What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need?

Q: How do I find out what type of Telephone Call Recording System I need as a SOHO Professionsl?

A: Click <here> for an overview of the various types of Telephone Call Recordings Systems available, recommended for use in an Customer Service situation.

Other links are available here:

Telephone Call Recording Solutions used in the SOHO environment are:

Single Line solutions are typically satisfied with either of the:

Multi Line situations may require a combination of :

For the larger and more secure or technically demanding situations, (sometimes encountered in the SOHO environment), we suggest the: