Taxi Industry

Taxi Companies Rely on Telephone Call Recording and 2Way Radio Voice Recording.


Taxi Industry Requirements for Telephone Call Recording:

The Taxi Industry are required to record all Telephone Call conversations between the Company Call Center and their customers when booking a taxi.

Also recorded are all 2Way Radio conversations between the Call Center Control Room and the Taxi Cab Operators.
Through the use of Compliance rated Telephone Call Recording Systems to record all Telephone Call conversations between the Company Call Centre and their customers – and all conversations between Despatch Operators and the Taxi Cab Drivers, Taxi Companies have all conversations immediately accessible and are thus able to readily resolve disputed bookings or any other incident requiring investigation.

Law Enforcement requests for Telephone Call Recording files:

Taxi Companies can be called upon by Law Enforcement agencies to provide Telephone Call Recordings related to incidents that they may be investigating.

Where a fatality has occurred and a taxi has been involved in some way with the incident, again Telephone Call Recordings may be requested and used in evidence at coronial enquiries and other proceedings.

Telephone Call Recording System used for Staff Assessment and Training:

Like any Call Centre operation, Taxi Companies have an interest in ensuring that all of their Call Centre Agents are diligent in their Call Centre activities and in dealing with the customers calling to book a Taxi Cab.

Human Resource Managers and Call Centre Managers benefit from a Telephone Call Recording System that can be used as an effective staff assessment and training aid. The discovery of both good and bad instances of call handling enable company supervisors to isolate call handling issues and arrange staff training to improve the performance and effectiveness of Customer Service staff.

Telephone Call Recording systems are indeed integral to the daily operations of a Taxi Cab Call Centre, fulfilling both Compliance and Quality Control roles for the company.

Telephone Call Recording System features in demand in the Taxi Industry environment are:

  •  Computer Screen Recording (associated with the recorded telephone call conversation)
  • Ease and speed  of access to the recordings
  • High Security
  • Platform Stability
  • Automated Archiving
  • CRM Integration capability
  • Agent Reporting


The benefits of having  a Telephone Call Recording System installed in a Taxi Cab Call Centre are:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution
  • Reduction of Costs


What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need for my Taxi Cab Call Centre?

Q: How do I find out what type of Telephone Call Recording System I need for my Taxi Cab Call Centre?

A: Click <here> for an overview of the various types of Telephone Call Recordings Systems available, recommended for use in a Taxi Industry Call Centres.