Stockbroker Trading Rooms

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Stockbroker Trading Rooms

Trading Rooms and Telephone Call Recording Go Hand In Hand – All Broker-Client Conversations Must Be Recorded.


Telephone Call Recording a critical application where Broker-Client Conversations are involved:

All Broker-Client conversations are recorded to ensure that all Client directions to the Broker are stored to protect both parties in the case where a trade is later disputed.

Telephone conversations between a broker and a client will contain explicit instructions on how the client wishes the broker to place a trade. Trades may involve many Thousands and even Millions of Dollars.

Highly secure compliance Telephone Call Recording Systems are required to record all Telephone Call conversations between Trading Room Brokers and their Clients.


Should a disputed trade not be settled quickly and where the disputed trade has involved substantial client loss, legal proceedings against the brokerage may eventuate.  Telephone Call Recording is therefore a critical facility within the Brokerage, in order that a rapid response and clarification of any disputed trade can be provided to the client involved.

Telephone Call Recording systems form a substantial plank in Brokerage Risk Management, allowing the brokerage to not only respond rapidly to any client complaint (as indicated), but also to provide oversight of all broker conversations to ensure that best practices are being diligently followed in all telephone communications.


Telephone Call Recording System features in demand in the Stock Broker Trading Room environment are:

  •  Computer Screen Recording (associated with the recorded telephone call conversation)
  • Ease and speed  of access to the recordings
  • High Levels of Access Security
  • AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt all telephone call recordings and screen captures
  • Platform Stability
  • Automated Archiving
  • CRM Integration capability

What Type of Telephone Call Recording System Do I Need?

Q: How do I find out what type of Telephone Call Recording System I need in my Stock Broker Trading Room?

A: Click <here> for an overview of the various types of Telephone Call Recording Systems available, recommended for use in a Stock Broker Trading Room environment.